Hattie - new escort Bucharest

handy +4 0737 22 88 50
My English is native and I adore to spend time talking about different topics of life too.... I am a lovely girl with few requests from you in order to spend a perfect afternoon/evening/night:

  • be fluent in English
  • aristocratic type
  • short conversation on handy is ok,but text messages are deleted
  • please write your messages here hattie707b@gmail.com
most of you do not visit this page at all, which I consider a lack of respect....so if your first questions are made with that terrible poor English saying "how much?" "which services?" I will close the handy fast answering you BUSY!

I am a very open person, I have visited Europe before and after covid, you will adore me when you see me...just make sure you sound positive on the handy when you settle the date with me! I am not a cheap escort selling one thing only, I give a full package of brains and beauty, sexy skills and happy demeanour..all I want from you is to pose in a "knight in shining armour" at first date at least...avoid sounding cheap!
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