Hattie - new escort Bucharest

I am Hattie, I am totally at ease and was just so interested in listening to everything you had to say about life. I am always motivated. I believe in creating genuine, friendly, and respectful relationships with whomever walks through my private page. I also believe in maintaining high standards while being flexible, discrete, and welcoming.

I am the type of woman who gets out of bed in the morning and only needs a few minutes to get ready for a new day with my sort of feminine charm.

To put things into perspective, I am a woman who's university-educated, well-traveled, with beauty & brains. And definitely checks all the boxes!

And although I am equally as excited to spend an afternoon shopping with the girls, if I could choose, I'd love a sporty day in the country side running, mountain biking, horse riding, skiing, you name it.

Hobbies, free time and sports: I am a really sporty person, so I love hiking, swimming, horse riding, biking, and running. I also enjoy traveling, listening to music, painting, and artistic activities like painting, going to the cinema.

Clothing style: I love styles that are elegant, but am equally as happy to have on sporty attire for a day of adventure.

Languages: Romanian (mother tongue), English (fluent),German (good) Italian,French, Spanish (conversational)